About Founder & General Director

Founder & General Director

When it comes to great findings in education, Mrs.Awatif Ibrahim Murad comes straight to mind. Not only has she been recognized as an inspiring, self-taught pioneer in the field of education through her integrated research and application of the quarterly system in the Intermediate and high section of My Little House and House Of Knowledge Group in the year 2004/2005 but she has also had an impact on the world of business. Armed with a bachelor degree in English Literature, inspired by an insurmountable will and a profound faith in God, Ms.Murad has worked relentlessly for thirty six years. It all started with a modest dream of an ambitious teacher and supervisor in a school in Jeddah in 1972. The dream was nurtured as she became a translator in the Social Studies Department of Telecommunication in 1976.

She laid the foundation stone of one of the most prestigious institutions in Jeddah, My Little House and House of Knowledge group in 1982. Mrs. Murad had an aspiration of a school which would rival the best in the world. Her dream was fulfilled through the immense number of students who were about 650 graduates from both schools, My Little House and House of Knowledge over the past eleven years. The graduates joined different local and international universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad majoring in different fields of study including scientific and literary subjects.

Above all, the group of schools was awarded a certificate of appreciation of seven years of partnership and support in delivering over 4000 British qualifications. During the past 3 years, 61 students were registered for IGCSE, 151 for SAT, around 1000 for CIE and 250 for TOEFL.

 Mrs. Murad was elected as an associated member in the committee of experimenting and development of private schools in Riyadh in the year 2004/2005 and an effective member of the working team for improving private schools established by His Royal Highness Prince AbdulMajeed in the year 2003.

Mrs. Awatif Murad is dedicated to inspiring Saudi women. She is the leading representative of a partnership with a Scottish school. Moreover, her school has been listed as third in rank among the best twenty establishments lead by Saudi business women in Saudi Arabia and the first among private schools.

Mrs. Murad has initiated much-needed research on the expansion of KG schools in Saudi Arabia mainly in Jeddah. A unique person in this part of the world, Ms. Murad sets on example for self-made, bright, open-minded Saudi women. She was born to make a great difference in the lives of the growing generation.

She has endeavored to constantly maintain educational establishments at a high level.

Over the years, she has invested in improving the facilities of the schools. Moreover, Mrs.Awatif has wisely chosen the best qualified teachers in order to maintain such a high standard .She has kept up with the latest educational advances and remained well-informed of recent scientific breakthroughs. This has been achieved through open-mindedness and a conscientious mind.

Message from the principal

Dear MY Little House & House of Knowledge Students, Parents and Staff,

I am honoured to be the founder and General Director of such a student centred school as My Little House & House of Knowledge.  We will continue to work hard to make My Little House & House of Knowledge experience a tremendous one.   The heart of any school begins and ends with the people who enter it every day, from the staff, to the students and finally, their families. With my team, we will work to build a community where each and every one of its members, when asked where they work or attend school, will respond with a sense of intense pride in stating:  My Little House or House of Knowledge School.

 My friends and family often laugh at me when I refer to the students as “my kids,” but I think of each of you as my own children.  You have touched my life and this school with your presence.

At this stage of your life, it is very important that you take charge of your future, not to feel like you’re a victim of circumstance or fate, but that you are an active participant in your future. Remember, your choices today and the way you focus your time and energy will have a direct impact on your future.

  I expect the highest standards in all that we do at My Little House & House of Knowledge Schools. I encourage the students to work hard, set goals for their lives and stay focused on those goals.  Keep your eyes on your goals and don’t let anyone or anything deter you from achieving them .Rise with your goals while being sensitive to the rights and needs of others.

We at My Little House & House of Knowledge are a ‘Learning Community’ which encourages staff, students, buy an annotated bibliography, past students and parents to involve themselves fully in all aspects of school life and to identify themselves with its core values of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Cooperation and Achievement.

I expect My Little House & House of Knowledge students become respectful adults when they step into the world that we refer to as life contributing not only to their country but also to humanity as a result of the education they received at both My Little House & House of Knowledge Schools.

Founder, Proprietor & General Director

Awatif  Murad