Our Little Musician

Music Is a Universal Language and It’s been proven scientifically, through the use of MRI scans and EEGs (brain monitors), that when we listen to or play an instrument, it releases dopamine in our brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control your mood, so this means you’re actually making yourself feel better! ... read more

Your Safety Is Our Concern

School buildings, maintenance operation and hygiene has been investigated under the school principal supervision dated directly after the heavy rain in order to insure the buildings validity for the reception of the employees and the students. ... read more

Al Hamraa 9th Olympic Season

Congratulations to our students: Zahra for winning the first place Aya Hambazaza for winning the second place Jana Alfar, Alya Kdada, Lana Murad, Haya Abu Shagra for participating in Al Hamraa 9th Olympic Season 2022-2023. ... read more

Happy Teacher’s Day

Thank you!!! You are appreciated for the hard work that you put in to ensure that each student is provided with an individualized experience <3 ... read more