School Facilities

The Buildings & Facilities

My Little House Group of Schools is distinguished by its spacious and attractive design. Wherever you look, you can find something different far from imitation and repetition. This is what has made ‘My Little House’ and ‘House of Knowledge’ very unique and special to look at as well as prestigious in our society.

We have an array of subjects to offer.


Every classroom is equipped with a computer and a projector; and many classrooms have smart boards as well.


The school is equipped with the science and computer laboratories in each department as well as an IBT TOEFL lab in the Secondary Department . Teaching aids, experimental equipments are provided according to the requirements of each stage. In addition, there is a Tele-Laser lab for teaching the holy Qur’an.

Art room

The art room is a fun escape for students where they can discover many talents and learn a variety of skills. The room is fully equipped and has the perfect atmosphere.

Libraries & resource rooms

The library is rich in references, encyclopaedias and various educational books. The Resource Room is equipped with several computers and assistive technology devices and a smart board. Teacher’s resources, CDS, English, French, math and science references, maps, charts and books for both the American and the British curriculum.


Since doing sports improves both physical and emotional health and also relieves stress, the school offers many sports facilities, such as , swimming pools, basketball & football courts, sand room and many others.


The School has fully air conditioned prayer rooms

School clinic

Students’ healthcare is an important priority of our schools. There is a clinic and a full-time medical doctor to look after the students and it’s equipped with the following:

Clinic bed, wheel chairs, crutches, refrigerator to store medicine, stretchers for emergency purposes, blood pressure device and diabetes device, etc.

Kitchen & cafeterias

The size of the kitchen allows the caterers to prepare both breakfast and lunch for the large number of students. This can only be achieved with equipping the kitchen with the necessary machinery. Different meals are served daily, to assure the variety of selection for our students .We have fully air conditioned operational cafeterias.

Meeting room

Parents’/Teacher’s meetings are held several times throughout the academic year. These meetings allow parents to meet teachers to discuss students’ strength and weaknesses and check on students’ progress.

Pupil’s/Teacher’s meetings are held to discuss pupils’ self assessment and to help them overcome any obstacles and difficulties that they are experiencing.

A social worker is available in every department to help pupils tackle any problems or difficulties they encounter and to keep good communication between the school and home.

School theater

The big theater in the school enables the students to engage in a variety of events and experiences. It is a chance for the students to explore their hobbies and to enjoy them. Many graduation and other ceremonies which are the most important days in the students’ educational journey take place there.

School activities

We offer different activities for the students and each department has a qualified coordinator for these activities.