Why MLH & HoK Schools


My Little House is designed this way to look like a little house to give our students a homey and comfortable feeling.

We want our school to be unique not to look like any other school, that’s why we have chosen the design of a little house.

We try to stand out as being unique.

We provide all the necessary equipment and facilities that a learning institution needs . All our equipment is easily accessible .

Our school is an educational institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students.

Our schools promote world-class standards in both teaching and learning, empowered by strong moral values. Our inspiring environment provides care, safety and well-being for children, taking into account their social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.

Our program is unique, offering both British and Saudi curricula, in order to meet every student’s needs. We offer a British curriculum and a National curriculum.

Our schools have strong foundations in the core subjects: English, Science and Math and offer a third language (French). We prepare students to take internationally recognized exams; Young Learners Certificate, KET, PET, FCE, Checkpoint (Year 8 ) IGCSE (Year 10 ) , AS Advanced level (Year 11,12 ), IELTS (Cambridge English Exams), IBT TOEFL, SAT (American Universities Entrance Exams) and DELF (French Language Certificate). Only the best and most highly qualified professionals teach these subjects.



We always keep up with the latest educational and technological advances on the market. Our teachers are constantly exposed to different workshops throughout the year to make sure that they maintain high teaching standards. In addition to our strong focus on core subjects, we use different methods to enhance pupils’ level, ability and performance in all subjects. All pupils are treated as individuals; staff work tirelessly to meet each pupil’s needs.